Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How to Convert Text to Columns in Excel

How to Convert Text to Columns using Wizard in Excel
Conversion of Text Columns refers to separation of  simple cell content in to different columns.
We can done by using Text to Columns wizard as explained in following example.

Suppose column A having full names(Name and Surname) of the employees whose Name and Surnames are separated by a  particular delimiter(such as “”,’;:._-) and if you want Name and Surname in different columns say B and C then you can do in the following manner.

>> First go to Data >> Text to Columns.
>>Next  mark the Delimited Option and click Next> button as  shown below.

>> Now mark all delimiter types such as  Comma, Space, Semicolon, Tab and select Other if there is any other delimiter existed between the names and specify the other delimiter in the given other delimiter box. As shown below.

>> Now press Next> button.
>> Next select the Destination where you want the result.

>>Now Click Finish, then you will see the result as Name and Surname In different columns as shown below.


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