Saturday, 27 October 2012

Microsoft Excel FIND Function and SEARCH Functions

MS Excel Find Function & Search Functions:
FIND Function is used Locate/Search/Find one text string(Text or Numbers) within another text string, and returns its position from search point.

Find Function is used for Case Sensitive Search.

SEARCH Function is similar to Find Function and is not a Case Specific.
Search Function is a In-Case Sensitive Function.

FIND(Find_Text,Within_Text,Start_Num)  or
Here :
Find_Text   is the text that you want to Find/Search.
Within_Text   is the text containing the text in which you want to Find/Search.
Start_Num   is  the Search Position Number from which to Start the Search. The position of  first character in Within_Text is 1.
If you omit Start_Num, it is assumed to be 1(i.e., Search starts from beginning.)
The Search Direction is Left-Right By Default.


Suppose if Cell A2 has the Main Text String( Eg:TPR-123@CIQ#141-234%143-Excel ) , in which you want to find the position of the your desired string ( Eg: "-" ) you can done in following way as explained in the following example.


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