Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Excel RANK Function Syntax and Example

Excel RANK Function
The RANK Function is one of Excel's Statistical Functions, ranks the size of a number compared to other numbers in a list a data.
This function is very useful to give the ranks to the Students, Employees, Organizations based on their performance samples.

Syntax :
= RANK ( Number, Ref, Order )

Number - the cell reference of the number to be ranked.
Ref - the range of cells to use in ranking the Number.

Order - determines whether the Number is ranked in ascending or descending order.
Type a "0" (zero) to rank in descending order (largest to smallest). Type a 1 to rank in ascending order (smallest to largest).

Suppose in this example if you want to find the rank of a Number 50 of Sample Data in Ascending and Descending order. We can done this as follows.
Here the rank of a Number 50 of Sample Data in Ascending order is = 5
and  the rank of a Number 50 of Sample Data in Descending order is = 4

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