Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to Create Dynamic Dependent Dropdown List with Custom Data Validation

Excel Dynamic Dependent Dropdown List with Custom Data Validation
Let us suppose we have Months in the Colum A (A1:A13).Now, by using the Custom Drop Down Technique , we can display the Month Names in the drop down list(Dependent list) under each Quarter  that you selected (Q1_,Q2_,Q3_..) from the Independent Drop Down List.
This is a Most Useful Technique , in real time Data Analysis scenario.

Example :
First Define Range Names for the Data Items(Months)  as below :
Range A2:A4(Jan,Feb,Mar) as Q1_ , A5:A7(Apr,May,Jun) as Q2_……….Etc.

Next Define a Independent Dropdown in your desired Cell(Ex : D2) with Values as Q1_,Q2_,Q3_
Next right to the Quarter Dropdown Cell (E2) , where you want to display the Months List , define the following Custom Data Validation/Custom Drop Down as shown below :
Now you can see the Months list ( Dependent List ) for each Quarter (Independent List) that you selected as shown below :

Thanks, TAMATAM ; Business Intelligence & Analytics Professional

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