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Excel CHOOSE Function Syntax and Examples

Excel CHOOSE Function to Lookup or Find the Quarter Number based on Month Number
The Excel Choose function returns a value from a list, that corresponds to a supplied index number.
It may help to think of the Choose function as a function that returns the nth entry in a given list.

Syntax :
CHOOSE( Index_num, value1, [value2], ... )

Index_num - Is an integer value, which specifies the index of the item to be returned
value1, [value2], ... - Is a list of one or more values that you want to return a value from.


In Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, up to 254 values can be supplied to the Choose function. However, in Excel 2003, you can only supply up to 29 values to the function.

Example :
Let us suppose there are Months and Corresponding Month Numbers and Quarter Numbers as shown below.

Now you can find the Quarter Number of the based on the given Month Number using the following Forumula:


here "F3" is the cell where we supply the Month Number , which is the Index Number based on Which we will get the corresponding Quarter Number in cell "G3".

Please note that the Formula does not referring to the Data Table.

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