Friday, 12 September 2014

How to Lookup or Find Last Matching Value in a List or Group of Values in Excel

Index-Match Function to Lookup or Find  Last Matching Item in a List or Group of Items in Excel.
Suppose we have a as Shown below , Prod_Id,Sales_Region,Sales_Period and Net_Sales.

From the Following data if you want to Find/Lookup the last Matching Product ID for the Period "Q1-2014", we can find using the below  "Index-Mactch-Countif " Combo formula.



In the above data , the first matching "Prod_Id" for the period "Q1-2014" is "ABC_1234" and the Last Matching value is "GHI_7890".

Note : 
If you want to get the desired last matching value , first you should sort the Lookup value Column.

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