Thursday, 4 September 2014

How to Select only Non Blank Cells and Enter Same Value in Excel Data

Ctrl+Enter to Fill Same Data in all the Selected Cells
Suppose if we have a Data as below where we have some blank cells in which we want enter the same value.It can be done as follows 

Step 1:
First select the whole Data.

Step 2:
Next  We have to select only the Blank cells in which we want enter the same value.
All the Blank cells can be select by Ctrl+G > Special > Blank cells as follows 

Press Ctrl+G or F5, It will open Go To dialogue box.

Now select "Special" then it will open the Go To Special dialogue box as below

Step 3:
Now select the option "Blanks" and say OK then it will select only the Blank cells in the Data highlighted in blue as below

Now enter the desired value and press "Ctrl+Enter" then same value will fill in all the blank cells as below.


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