Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to Create a Calculated Measure using DAX Formula to Calculate YTD Sales in Power BI

How to Create a Cross Tab Report in Power BI with Line Chart showing YTD Sales Growth
To show YTD Sales growth Momentum, first we need to Calculate the YTD Cumulative sales. 

We can calculate the new YTD_Sales measure based on the existing Gross_Sales measure , using below DAX Expression or Forumula.

YTD_Sales = TOTALYTD(SUM(FactSales[Gross_Sales]),Tbl_Calendar[Date_Id])

Here, Tbl_Calendar is a related Table whose [Date_Id] has a relation with [Order_Date] of the the [FactSales] Table.

Now we can see the YTD_Sales calculated in below Cross Tab ( Matrix ) Report.

Based on this data we can build a Line Chart Dashboard, which shows the Gross_Sales by Month, and a Trend Line showing the YTD_Sales growth.

Also, I added a Slicer here for Region_Name

You need to practice on how to Build the Dashboard with Power BI, as shown above for better understanding.

Thanks, TAMATAM ; Business Intelligence & Analytics Professional

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