Friday, 1 February 2013

Excel VBA Auto Popup and Self Closing Message Box

Excel VBA Auto Popup and Self Closing Message Box
' The Following Macros Will Shows Each Cell Value of First Column in a Auto Popup and Self Closing Message box.
'By Default The Message box will appear for Minimum 3 Seconds even You Specified for  1 Second.

Sub SelfClosingMsgBox()
Dim WSS As Object
Dim X As Integer
Dim CC As Long
Dim AutoPopMsg As String
Dim ActCellAdr As String
Set WSS = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
For X = 1 To CC
If Cells(X, 1).value <> "" Then
ActCellAdr = ActiveCell.Address
AutoPopMsg = WSS.Popup("The Cell" & "  " & ActCellAdr & "  " & "Contains " & 
Cells(X, 1).value, 1, "Hell My Dear User", vbOKCancel)
End If
Next X
End Sub



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