Friday, 3 June 2016

How to Export Excel Range as a Picture to Target Folder

VBA Macro to Export Excel Named Range as a Picture to Target Folder
The following Macro will export the each Named Range like "MyRng*" as a image to the specified target folder.
Sub Export_Ranges_As_Images()
 Dim Nam_Rng As Range
 Dim RngExp As Range
Dim  Nam as Name

 K = 123456

 For Each Nam In Names

    If Nam.Name Like "MyRng*" Then
       K = K + 1
       Set RngExp = ThisWorkbook.Names(Nam.Name).RefersToRange
       Set RngSht = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(RngExp.Parent.Name)
       RngExp.CopyPicture Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=xlBitmap
       Set Tgt_Cht = RngSht.ChartObjects.Add(Left:=RngExp.Left, Top:=RngExp.Top, _
                       Width:=RngExp.Width, Height:=RngExp.Height)

           With Tgt_Cht
               .Name = "TempArea"
           End With
       RngSht.ChartObjects("TempArea").Chart.Export "C:\Users\Tamatam\Desktop\Temp\" & "Image_" & K & ".jpg"
    End If


 End Sub
Output :

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