Tuesday, 20 September 2016

VBA Switch Statement Syntax and Example

SWITCH statement in VBA:
The SWITCH statement in VBA evaluates a list of conditions and returns the value of the True/match condition from list.
Incase of False it will returns the NULL value, that we need to handle by If condition to perform the False case operation.
Switch ( Condition1,value1, Condition2,value2, ... ConditionN,valueN)
Condition1,Condition2...ConditionN are the conditions to be evaluate.
value1, value2, ... valueN are the values to be written if the corresponding condition is true.

In the below example we are checking the Range("A1") value and returing the Grade type in Range("B1") 

Sub SwitchStatement()
Dim XValue As String
Dim X As Integer
X = ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Value

 XVal = Switch((X > 75 Or X = 100), "A-Grade", (X >= 50 And X < 75), "B-Grade", (X < 50 And X >=35), "C-Grade")

If IsNull(XVal) = True Then
    ActiveSheet.Range("B1").Value = "Not Applicable"
    ActiveSheet.Range("B1").Value = XVal
End If
End Sub


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