Friday, 21 November 2014

How to Store and Retrieve the Values in an Array with Excel VBA Macro

Excel VBA Macro to  Store Values into an Array and Retrieve the Values from an Array 
Suppose we have the Months as shown below , which we want to store in an Array

Sub Strore_Retrieve_Array()
Dim My_Array() As String
Dim WS As Worksheet

Set WS = ActiveSheet

'<< Storing the Values in an Array >>
For X = 2 To 13

ReDim Preserve My_Array(X - 2) ' Storing from Index(0)
My_Array(X - 2) = Cells(X, 1).Value

Next X

'<< Retrieving the Values from an Array >>
For K = LBound(My_Array()) To UBound(My_Array())

Msgbox My_Array(K)
'<< Define your own condition here >>
If My_Array(K) = "Jul" Then
GoTo Tamatam:
End If

Next K

MsgBox "Desired Value << Jul >> Found At Array Index" & "<< " & K & " >>"
End Sub


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