Friday, 8 December 2017

How to Get or Load Input Data from various Sources in Power BI Desktop

How to Get Data from a Input Source in PowerBI Desktop
You can Connect to and Load Data from various Input sources in Power BI Desktop to build your Reports and Dashboards( at PowerBI Service)

Go to Home > Get Data , you will see various Sources from which you can choose based on your Input.

You can Click more to see different options to select your input from Files or Databases or Azure(Microsoft Cloud) or Online Services and Others as shown below :

File Sources :

Database Sources :

Azure Sources :

Online Services Sources :

Other Sources :

Choose your source from the available options and Build your Reports/Dashboards.

I will explain more about building Reports/Dashboards , Data Transformations, Calculated Fields/Measures, Conditional Columns, Splitting Columns, Changing Data Types,creating Hierarchies, Data Slicing , Merging Queries, Creating Visuals and usage of Time Intelligence for effective data upcoming Tutorials...Keep following my Blog.
Thanks, TAMATAM ; Business Intelligence Professional

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